How large dehumidifier should I buy?

It is always better to buy a dehumidifier with a large capacity (Arctus Fenja 20) that functions properly during the periods of the year when it is more humid (ie late summer – autumn). In addition, many use their dehumidifier in the basement to dry laundry while drying out the basement. It works fine, but one should keep in mind that it adds moisture into the space (by washing) and one then be sure to use a machine with good capacity.

Has Arctus dehumidifier continuous draining?

Yes, both models are prepared for drainage of condensation water through the hose connection supplied. This mode is preferable if you have the option when you do not have to empty the water tank and the dehumidifier can maintain low moisture levels.

Big or small water tank, what is preferable?

Large water tank is always preferable so the dehumidifier can work longer before it automatically shuts off, when the tank is full.

Does a heater fan work as good as a dehumidifier?

Arctus dehumidifiers are manufactured to be able to dehumidify including basement and condenses in an energy efficient manner away moisture from the air. Every liter of moisture present in the air contains about 800 watts of heat energy. As the moisture condenses on the cooling coil dehumidifier recoverable these 800 watts of energy as heat. In this energy-efficient way is a dehumidifier preferable to a fan heater.

Arctus dehumidifiers do they also clean the air?

Indeed, with the help of a pre-purified air samtidgt that the dehumidified. This filter is cleanable and in normal use, this should be done every two to four weeks.