Our modern dehumidifiers designed for the Swedish climate has both function and design to BEST dehumidify poorly ventilated areas such as basements, laundry rooms, etcetera.

Arctus Fenja 10 avfuktare |

Arctus Fenja 10

Fenja 10 is stylish dehumidifier with smart features and simple user interface.

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Arctus Nordic Fenja 20 avfuktare |

Arctus Fenja 20

Fenja 20 is quiet, easy to move and have a user-friendly designed water tank that is easily change without spillage of water.

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Arctus Nordic Fenja 25 avfuktare |

Arctus Fenja 25

The latest dehumidifier with new smart features such as a clothes drying function and with a 4D filter that prevents mold, fungus and bacteria – factors that contribute to poor air quality.

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